Advocare Review-Two Incomes Are Better Than One—A Review of the Advocare MLM Opportunity

While doing research for this Advocare review I found that if you’re like most Americans, chances are you’re currently searching for more… more time with your family, more income, a greater sense of well-being, and some freedom from debt. But if you’re currently searching for that “more” by way of extra efforts at your day-time job, chances are you’re unlikely to find it.

Ever heard of the saying: “In life we are all in a race, but some are running in the wrong direction”? That statement has to be true, otherwise why isn’t everybody able to achieve the success and good life they all dream of? It all comes down to the approach we adopt in our search for the good life.

The truth is what we often call “job” is a boring, never ending treadmill that isn’t taking us anywhere. For most persons, life follows this familiar script: get some education, get a job, buy a home, start a family and then get into an endless circle of bills that leaves no room for anything else. Most reluctantly give up on what they originally wanted from life. They are forced to live life as it is, rather than as it should be! 

Does that describe your situation right now? Are you reaching your life’s full potential and getting the satisfaction you deserve from life? Or is yours the unpleasant experience of constantly trying to stretch the salary between two pay-checks?

The good news is that you can change your situation for the better. And no, you don’t even have to resign from your current daytime job— at least not yet.
I would strongly suggest that you get an additional source of revenue to supplement what you make from your daytime job. Call it plan B.

After all, if your income goes out through multiple sources, shouldn’t you also try and earn from multiple sources? Strictly, we are not recommending another salary-paying job here.

There’s a better alternative: We are talking home-based business. You may not know it, but home-based multi-level marketing businesses have undisputedly become the major vehicle that’s pulling many ordinary people out of poverty and providing countless others reasonable supplementary incomes.

Testimonies are many, and they can’t all be empty hypes. Pioneered by the food supplement industry, home-based business opportunities abound in virtually every industry these days—telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, legal services, and of course food supplements. They all present genuine home business opportunities that have the potential to give you a standard of life you never even imagined for yourself.

For obvious reasons, the food supplement and wellness sector appears to possess the most attraction for most network marketers—they’re typically cheaper to get registered in, and you don’t need specialized skills to succeed in them.

Take Advocare as an example. They offer a line of health and wellness products—from cutting-edge nutritional supplements for weight management, sports performance, skincare, as well as products designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of children. These products are offered to the American marketplace through the free-enterprise model of direct marketing.

In other words individuals are offered the opportunity to earn income by sharing the products with others by way of home-based MLM businesses. There are 4 ways to get involved in the Advocare income opportunity. But the real “opportunity” lies in becoming an “Advisor at 40%”, also known as Business Builder. An Advocare Advisor enjoys the highest level of discounts offered by the company; they also participate in other earning opportunities.

In 2008, it is reported that distributors in this category earned on the average $40,553 in compensations within 2 years of joining the company. That’s an average of $3,379 per month. Of course, these are only average figures—some distributors might actually have earned lower, but also, higher than that. These figures also are not meant to imply that this is the normal profit for all Advocare distributors with in 2 years. But just to show you the possibilities.

The key to your success is all about the training and support that distributors get, especially the new ones. Along with your immediate sponsor, your search of outside training should be put in place to provide the resources and skills you will need to build your home-based business.

Yes, this doesn’t sound much different from what you would obtain in other businesses that distribute their products through MLM. The difference could be in the way you approach the opportunity. Isn’t it true that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change too? So take advantage of the vast opportunit