Cortech Leathers – Nike Air Max 2003: The Basketball Shoes to Be Collected

Basketball players must pay more attention on their shoes. Good shoes to players are water to fish. Eighties happened to be the time when Nike Air Max 2003 shoes manufacture got its fame. Canvas and high top design were the solution to help the sportsmen to keep their legs safe in the process of training. That’s what was suggested by the brand. Sole of rubber was the other reason for more than 6 hundred million pairs to be sold out.


Certainly the shoes for basketball have much changed since that period. Nike Air Max 2003 is created of Cortech Leathers today, not of that canvas. Soles are completed with special amortizing layer the way that you are quite comfortable to step, run and look. Special high-topped style made by Nike Air Max 2003 is by now the leader in basketball shoes design. But not long time ago it appeared fashionable to buy shoes of that old, canvas concept.


Know what type of player you are. Falling a few inches short of six feet, I play the point guard position. I can run fast, use my agility, and move quickly from point A to point B, but I may not have the strength that other bigger and more defined players have. Thus, I should look for the models that are designed with a high ankle cut, and that which are lighter, such that I can take advantage of my quickness and speed on the court. We should anyway name another good producer, Adidas. Their creation of 2004, the T-Mac, the Shoe Laces basketball sneakers, was a wonderful novelty. Other famous companies are New Balance, Asics and Reebok. Their sneakers are as well very comfortable for the players.


But they are still different from Nike. Nike Air Max 2003 simply offered stability and nice sole for better ground performance which appealed to skateboarders. Like this Nike basketball shoes happened to be famous in this scene. Finally in some time the unusual model for skateboarders appeared. It was named the Nike Air Max 2003. The model is made with features like extra-padded “puffy tongue” and Nike’s special Zoom Air insole. Stylish Air MAX were enthusiastically bought and worn in the cities, desired by enthusiastic fans of Nike shoes. Nike keeps on developing the style of Airs with the help of different designers making new variants.


You should be certain that the quality of Nike shoes is quiet good. The recommended price for Nike Air Max 2003 in the shops is not truly high, nearly 65-99 dollars. But thanks to great demand for the production the stores tend to take profits of the demand on the shoes by raising prices. Being much discussed in the network the shoes are sure to be dealt with like this.


Editor: Mary