Himfr.com reports MediaTek full sprint WiMAX chips, next year’s shipments is goning to grow 10-speed

MediaTek’s 3-chip WiMAX controlled mass production shipments planned for the end of 2009, shipments in 2010 are expected to have 10-speed growth, formally joined the contribution to performance of the company’s product line camp, MediaTek will work with Taiwan’s six major WiMAX WiMAX operators to co-chip solution, including the latest 3, paragraph 2, on behalf of the IEEE 802.16e WiMAX silicon, respectively, applied in WiMAX CPE products, mobile phones and other embedded devices.

MediaTek original decision into the global WiMAX chipset market, Taiwan-based China Netcom has caused tension in the chip industry are worried that MediaTek chip market for the CNC-related and R & D talent a magnet effect. IC design industry pointed out that 26 debut of the Taiwan Broadband Communication Exhibition, MediaTek will display its own WiMAX chip and Far EasTone Telecom, International Telecom, a global movement, Tatung Telecom, ICP ultra-Shun and Wei Maisi telecommunications base stations link capacity, and provide users with on-site VoIP phone calls, play On-line games.

MediaTek pointed out that the introduction of a new generation of WiMAX chips, in addition to 2 chips can provide CPE products to use, MediaTek also started with the Ge Jia mobile platform with the introduction of GSM / EDGE WiMAX dual-mode smart phone chip solution program, and through the company’s WiMAX chips and EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) baseband processor, the latest dual-mode smart phones will be able to support both EDGE voice, and through the WiMAX network to transmit voice and data, and support 2.8-inch touch-screen, as well as the 5 million-pixel camera camera function.

In fact, in the face of fierce market competition, telecom operators have to consider that has been far beyond the WiMAX terminal basic specifications, the public telecommunications vice president Lin Rong said, must be able to introduce balance of performance, cost and time to market and services, and telecommunications operators fit of the products, while MediaTek one of the few leading-edge wireless technology with a variety of system platform integration capabilities of the vendor, both sides are confident that cooperation will accelerate the WiMAX technology is mature and market commercially available.

With the successful launch of MediaTek chip solution, the latest generation of WiMAX, the future MediaTek chip market in the global layout of China Netcom, is it only for the latest generation of WiMAX technology development, and try and chip platforms for mobile phones with, or for the further pursuit of companies, long-term operating growth momentum, and by considering the merger, alliance, etc., and even jump to make their own to sustain the growth of CNC-chip product line for the contribution of MediaTek performance, leaving the industry’s unlimited imagination.