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<p>Dental problems have been a cause of concern for most patients. It is one ailment which everybody tries to ignore since a visit to the invisalign dentist can be a stressful event for many. Often childhood memories of a high invisalign dentists’ chair and the touch of cold steely instruments inserted into the mouth are high on the things to avoid list. However with the advent of modern invisalign dentistry and improved tools, dental solutions have become much more easy and comfortable.</p> <p>Visiting your invisalign dentist regularly ensures that you have good dental health and even if you have some dental problems cropping up, they can be diagnosed early. Most invisalign dentists would recommend dental checkup at least twice a year. Your teeth might be in bad shape due to various factors like improper brushing habits, smoking, drinking tea, and misinformation on dental hygiene. The most common problems that are reported by patients are discolored teeth, gum diseases, uneven teeth, broken or missing teeth or tooth decay.</p> <p><strong>Winter Park Dental Solutions</strong></p> <p>The problem of discolored teeth is usually solved with the help of bleaching. You can book a session with your invisalign dentist and he will bleach your teeth white so that it covers up the brown spots or yellowed teeth that you may have currently. Sometimes dental veneers are also used to cover up discolored teeth and make them sparkling white. Gum diseases are a serious problem since it can lead to a wide variety of problems and ultimately lead to loss of teeth. Your invisalign dentist will first examine the condition of your gums and depending on that he will decide if your tooth needs to be extracted or it can be treated through medication. For those facing a problem due to missing teeth, the solution lies in dental bridges or dental implants. Dental implants are a process where a titanium crown is placed on the gum and false porcelain teeth is fixed on it. Dental implants are a permanent process and act almost like real teeth.</p> <p><strong>Advanced solutions</strong></p> <p>Earlier for correcting uneven teeth, invisalign dentists used steel dental braces. These ugly dental braces have now been replaced by new Invisalign or invisible dental braces which make the wearer comfortable since not many people will even notice that you are wearing dental braces. If you need to go in for a dental checkup, when choosing your clinic for dental treatment, make sure it is a prominent and reputed clinic. You can surf the internet to know about the services that are on offer and also ask for reference from your friends and relatives. For more information visit us at <a rel="nofollow" onClick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);" href="http://www.invisalign">http://www.invisalign</a></p>