Money Lines and Baseball Betting

Baseball is an enormously popular sport and has been so for well over a century. That is why it comes as no surprise that baseball betting is very popular as well. In fact, more and more people enter online wagering through baseball betting than any other sport. Perhaps this is understandable since baseball is called America’s favorite pastime. However, liking the game and wishing to participate does not automatically make one a smart baseball better. In order to win with baseball betting, it becomes necessary to understand a number of the basic components that go into baseball betting.

Baseball betting is not a venture that offers 1 – 1 payoffs. In other words, there will be a money line presented so that the risk of betting on the favorite team is more than betting on an underdog. This is a radical departure from sport such as football where a sports line is present. If it wasn’t, then everyone would bet the favorite team and win all the time.

So, why does baseball betting not have such a rule? Because the outcomes of baseball games are less predictable and games are mostly 3 match series. Point spreads would be absurd in such an environment and would drive away baseball betting fans. This would not exactly be good for those in the baseball betting business since they would not be able to stay in business for very long. So, odds are determined fairly so the outcome is less certain and the people placing the bets will have to place their wagers in a more deliberate manner.

So, how does a money line in baseball betting work? If the favorite team is -145, that means you will need to bet $145 in order to win a hundred. So, betting the perceived favorite does come with a risk. In you were to bet the underdog, you would win $145 for every $100 you bet. And, as always, keep in mind that a three game sweep is rare so the underdog is bound to win at least one game but will mostly likely lose 1 or 2 before the series is over. Yes, baseball betting is far less predictable than basket or football betting often is.

When you do search for reliable baseball betting venues, be sure that the money being offered is consistent with that most analysts predict. You do not want to wager with a money line that is not giving you a fair deal for the amount you are wagering. Stick with those money lines that are fair since they will give you the most out of your baseball betting experience. And you do want the whole experience to be a positive and profitable one do you not?