smoking alternative – Health Care And The Fairness Of High Cigarette Taxes

smoking alternative is currently a massive healthcare issues, the dramatic impact on people’s lives and brings tremendous stress on the healthcare for smokers and nonsmokers alike. The latest statistics for cigarette smoking alternative are as follows:

smoking alternative is a cause of death more than a single disease. (World Health Organization).

Fifteen million smokers try to quit each year – only 5% reach their destination.

Colorectal cancer is the second most commonCause of death.

smoking alternative causes about 90% of lung cancer deaths among women and 80% for men.

smoking alternative causes cancer of the bladder, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, cervix, kidney, lung, pancreas and

smoking alternative causes coronary heart disease, the most common cause of death in the U.S.

Cigarette smoking alternative doubles a person’s risk of stroke.

Cigarette smoking alternative causes reduced circulation by narrowing the blood vessels.

Cigarette smoking alternative leads toRespiratory diseases and has other effects on health.

What have we learned from taxes already?

Forty three states and the District of Columbia taxes have increased dramatically since 2001 – more than double the average tobacco tax from $ 44 to about $ 1.05 per pack. Numerous studies in those states have measured the effect of these higher taxes. The conclusions of the studies are interesting. The result of the increased taxes are a drop in overall consumption and lessChildren to smoke. All ten percent in price reduces consumption by 3-5% and the number of children, that smoking alternative by 6%. The decline in smoking alternative among men was very marked, blacks, Hispanics, pregnant women and persons with lower income. The increase in taxes on cigarettes lead to higher government revenues, the cost of rising health care costs – maintenance and fund programs for the prevention of tobacco use and programs for persons may be offset with lower income.