The Advantages Of LED Grow Lights Over Regular Grow Lights

For those of you that may not know, LED stands for light emitting diode. The light emitting diode was invented in the late ‘20s by a Russian radio technician called Oleg Losev. In 1927 he published his results and revealed to the world for the first time the marvels of LED lighting. For a long time scientists were not able to find truly viable applications for the LED. Nowadays, we have numerous applications for LED’s and these include low consumption flashlights, TVs, grow lights and many, many more. Its use in the gardening sector has been presented as a great new alternative to old grow light technologies.


LED grow lights are available in various wattage. By having LEDs that emit light with wavelengths close to chlorophyl’s absorption peaks LED grow lights are able to grow more efficiently then full spectrum lights. LED grow lights are nature friendly from every possible stand point. First of all, as you may already know, LED grow lights and LED technology in general is highly energy efficient. Moreover, LED grow lights do not contain any heavy metals whatsoever. Traditional grow lights, on the other hand, contain mercury and other heavy metals. Another advantage which is found useful by many of its users is the immediate start. As opposed to say HID lamps that take one minute or more to start, LED grow lamps start immediately.


Another large advantage that LED grow lights have over their opponents is the fact that products using LED technology are able to provide enough blue and red light to produce healthy growth throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. Products employing other technologies such as high intensity discharge are not able to produce sufficient quantities of both red and blue light with one product, so users need to purchase two products in order to have a successful grow light system, a MH lamp for vegetative and a HPS lamp for flowering. LED grow lights have integrated power supplies so there is no need for a separate ballast like in the case of HID lamps, which require both reflectors and separate ballasts. As you can clearly see, the benefits of LED grow lights are numerous.


The efficiency levels are far superior to those presented by other technologies such as regular bulbs or fluorescent grow lights. If all the advantages presented previously were not sufficient to convince you of the superiority of LED grow lights over their counterparts, then you can simply not overlook the power consumption aspect. The power consumption levels are around a quarter of traditional grow lights (HPS and MH).  Additionally, the high durability of LEDs allows for 100,000 hours of use before the LEDs wear out. All in all, if you are looking for the best possible lighting solution for your hydroponics garden look no further then LED grow lights.

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