ThePayerPlayer – Unique Application for Social Networking and More

The internet has taken over everything by storm. Most of our lives are spent online, on various sites and web pages. In such a chaotic web space, The Payer Player comes as a useful tool which integrates social networking sites and also rewards the user for being such a valuable asset. The Payer Player is called a ‘communications meghahub’ as it can be used to carry out and accomplish a lot, at once. One can upload videos, chat from PC to mobile, access other social networking sites, video or text chat with friends, watch TV and more. The best feature about The Payer Player is the flexibility it provides in its utility, as one can use it on or off web. The Payer Player can be used from your profile page, added to social networking sites or used from your desktop, giving you a browser-less interaction. With Payer Player, one can switch from one social network site to another without using an internet browser, watch YouTube clips, tweet and read friend’s status messages from one central location plus the Payer Player has become a community in itself. Here you can upload your pictures and videos, tell other Payer Player users about yourself and interact with them. The Payer Player is endorsed by none other than Shaquille O’Neal, the famous Basketball star. With so many interesting features and a great endorsement from Shaquille O’Neal, The Payer Player is all set to grow rapidly.

The Payer Player rewards its users for the value they bring to the network. You will automatically be entered into the Affiliate Marketing Program if you’re a paid subscriber. If you’re a free subscriber, you can opt for the program. The most unique thing about the Payer Player is the freedom it offers to its users in terms of portability. It can be embedded on any social networking site and it gives access to all other networking sites from one single place. The Payer Player can also be directly used from your desktop. On Payer Player, besides accessing networking sites one can also – chat via text and video, broadcast live videos, make use of the built in video recorder, create/access custom media channels, conduct meetings in audio/video enabled chat rooms, collaborate and share files and documents real-time, play games and watch TV shows and movies.

With Payer Player’s menu you can create your profile to let others know about you and you can upload videos and pictures in ‘About Me’. The other features in its menu are ‘Find Me’ where you can look for a video, photo or member. ‘Reach Me’- which takes you to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. ‘Share Me’ – which is a manual invitation process. Here you can add contacts by email, or import them and send them messages. ‘Chat Me’ – is a place for live chat with rooms such as music, travel and outdoor, education, parenting, politics, fashion and so on and so forth. You can also create your own room here. ‘Watch Me’ – is where you can broadcast yourself live while chatting with and seeing another member of the Payer Player live. ‘Play Me’ – is a place for your playlist. Here you can access ‘channels’, ‘TV channels’ and ‘IPTV.’ Also, one can watch videos from various categories such as entertainment, fashion, comedy, food, health, music and more. In the coming weeks The Payer Player team will be releasing the Mobile version of The Payer Player on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian devices. For more information, visit our website