Help Please, ajuda?

Hi friends I am from Venezuela, I do not speak Portuguese. I would like to know what is the cost of living in Sao Paulo, I would like to move there, to work by myself selling products on the net.
1.- How much does it cost to rent an small apartment with one or two bedrooms? In a safe place for an immigrant?
2.- How much does it cost the service of Internet with connection 24 hours a day?
3.- How much does it cost a course to learn Portuguese? Do you know of any cheap one?
4.- In my country is prohibited to get dollars, in brazil it is also prohibited? What is the procedures to change the Brazilian money to American dollars? I ask this, because I used to buy goods on United States.
5.- Do I have to get a permission from the Brazilian government so I could import from USA and sell on the Brazilian internet market?
6.- Now I am almost in bankrupt due to the bad economic situation in my country, do you think I could survive to take my family with me? I will try at first alone, an
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