Are Natural Sleep Aids Really Better? Here Is Why You Should Consider Them

Worrying late into the night, feeling tired and unproductive, and an inability to fall asleep – these are a few of the symptoms millions experience every night.  A lack of sleep is usually equated with diminished function, and in turn, millions have turned to prescription drugs in order to cope.   As a result, insomniacs end up having to fight a second battle – the one against the very medications that were supposed to cure them.

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Much has been documented about the hazards of prescription drugs, and especially those of sleeping pills.  These prescription drugs have even become front page news due to the recent deaths of celebrities such as pop icon Michael Jackson and actor Heath Ledger.  In spite of all this, usage of sleeping pills continue to rise, and so do stories of accidents and tragedy.  In the case of one popular prescription sleep aid, reports of users driving late at night while medicated are accompanied by a failure to recollect such actions the morning after.  In many cases, physical dependence on prescription pills develop and users will feel unable to live their lives without the prescribed drug.

For sufferers of insomnia, hope lies in using  natural sleep aids.  Chamomile, a flower that can be made into tea, and Valerian, a root, have proven to be viable alternatives.  The most effective solution however, is Melatonin, the very hormone the human body utilizes to regulate its natural rhythms and sleep cycles.  Melatonin known as one the best natural sleep aids causes no ill effects to humans, and is even beneficial as a natural antioxidant, in addition to normalizing sleep patterns.

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The key to effective melatonin usage is to establish a rhythm that the body can become accustomed to.  In a healthy cycle, the human body begins to slow down and prepare for sleep at approximately the same time every day.  Melatonin pills should be taken 30-45 minutes before sleep daily and regularly, until the sleep/waking cycle is re-established, and insomnia is subsequently cured.  Usage of melatonin as an alternative to prescription sleeping pills and one of the best natural sleep aids is highly recommended.