dental braces – The Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry

In truth, most individuals would likely prefer to be anywhere other than a dentist’s chair. This makes the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry something about which most people will procrastinate endlessly, given that there is no health reason behind the procedures; or so it would seem. In truth, an individual’s smile is one of the first things that people notice and unhealthy-looking teeth tend to connote an overall lack of good health in individuals. Having these procedures performed is oftentimes less expensive and much less uncomfortable than people tend to believe.

Most cosmetic dentistry concentrates on correcting the shape, alignment and position of the teeth. Where the position of the teeth is concerned, overly-tight teeth can cause problems with decay as areas of the tooth will be difficult or impossible to clean. They can also cause problems such as jaw pain. In the case of crooked smiles or chipped or stained teeth, one may make an impression on new acquaintances that is wholly untrue. While one’s teeth may say that they don’t take care of themselves, this is likely not the case and the problem can be easily corrected.

Cosmetic dentistry can easily correct teeth that are stained, even permanently so. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular procedures. In cases where the teeth have become severely stained, such as is frequently seen with smokers, the procedure will likely be done in-office by a dentist. For simple maintenance of a bright smile, there are home kits available from dentists that can offer excellent results. Having a whiter smile can make one much more confident and give a much better impression than one could expect if their smile is yellowed. Frequent tooth whitening can also avoid the formation of permanent stains on the teeth.

For more severe problems, procedures such as bonding, veneers and the use of dental braces are usually employed. Bonding simply means attaching tooth-colored materials to the teeth to cover up chips and other flaws. The enamel can be shaped, as well, to correct for oddly-formed teeth. For straightening, there are many options on the market. Patients may choose to have dental braces installed permanently in the traditional fashion or to avail themselves of any of the various temporary solutions on the market. Veneers are devices which are installed on the front of the teeth to provide a facade that covers up flaws.