If you are building a Network Marketing business offline, it is doubtful that you will be using a ‘Funded Proposal’ system. Sadly most home business start-ups will make very little money or actually reach residual income level in their MLM.. This, as well as very few leads, is why so many MLM businesses go bust.

Whichever MLM you join,, you are expected to buy some Personal Development materials, such as books and audio’s. On the internet, the same rule applies; you would be expected to work on improving yourself. Attraction Marketing would be the initial training. To do this, I personally would suggest you buy and read Mike Dillard’s ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’. And this is where the ‘Funded Proposal’ comes into play.

Because we have so many more people coming into our businesses online, it would be time consuming to train everyone. Therefore if they can study Magnetic Sponsoring and understand the concept of attraction marketing, this would save us a great deal of time. Mike’s low cost but valuable book explains everything for us and shows a new person how to behave and what it required of them. It also gives the new prospect a back office, therefore when they generate their own leads, they can invite them to buy Magnetic Sponsoring and make a commission on it, which they can use for more advertising. They may then be in business long enough to start making a profit!

So a Funded Proposal solves a big problem in Network Marketing, the lack of money early on in the business, and in so doing, also solves the problem of lack of training. When they start, a new person needs to know specifically what they must have to market online; a website, an autoresponder, a webhost, domain names and so on. And of course, they need to be shown how to market; social media, Pay-per-click, email campaigns etc.

The majority of people, when they arrive on the internet to market their MLM, will have little or no idea where to start. Therefore a Funded Proposal, with training and a system to follow is ideal. That is exactly what I found in MLM Lead System Pro, a customizable attraction marketing system; and also a Funded Proposal! I get all the training I need to generate leads and get paid by my leads even if they do not join my primary business! Incredible!