Game Downloads Site Receives Five-Star Rating…

Review Place recently granted a five-star rating to Unlimited Game Downloads, a download service with a database of more than 800 games to choose from. The service’s database also includes many movies, TV shows, books, and music files, which can all be accessed with the one-time subscription.

Like the name would suggest, Unlimited Game Downloads offers unlimited downloads. Users pay a sign-up fee for a one-year, two-year, or lifetime membership to the service; once this initial fee has been paid, the user has accessed to unlimited downloads without any monthly or per-download charges. Unlike some download services online, Unlimited Game Downloads is free from Spyware or other annoying or damaging viruses. Unlimited Game Downloads also provides users with free antivirus software and a player for music and movies.

“Unlimited Game Downloads is designed to not only make games, movies, and other media more affordable for our customers, but also easier to access,” said a representative of Unlimited Game Downloads. “Our databases and our technical support systems are available at any time of day or night.”

“Video game fans know how expensive it is to own all of their favorite games,” said Andy West, the Press Relations representative for Review Place. “Unlimited Game Downloads allows users to keep a well-stocked library of games, movies, and music, all at a fraction of the cost. These incredible savings are one of the reasons why our reviewers gave this service our top rating.”

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To find out more about Unlimited Game Downloads and other related services, including descriptions, testimonials, and product reviews, please visit Review Place’s Video Game Downloads category by copying and pasting this link into your browser:–Video-Game-Downloads.html.
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Diskettes and Zip Drives


A Diskette is a 3.5-inch removable magnetic disk. The older version, the floppy disk, is 5.25 inches square and flexible. Copying to a diskette is quick and economical.

Ideal for…

• Those who use their PC for personal finance – the diskette enables you to retrieve checkbook balances etc.
• Projects that need to be continuously backed up such as a film script, as it is a cheap alternative.

Not so good for…

• Some newer computer and laptop models that do not have a diskette or floppy drive installed.
• Large amounts of data as diskettes don’t have a great storage capacity

Zip Drives

A Zip drive is a small, square shaped magnetic disk that is ideal for backing up your PC. The 100-megabyte size holds the equivalent of 70 floppy diskettes. They also come in a 250-megabyte size

Ideal for…

• Duplicating your entire disc drive
• Archiving
• Storing graphic images or other large files
• Transferring large files
• Keeping certain data separate from files on your hard disk

The downside…

• They seem to be a fleeting technology – most computers do not have a Zip Disc drive installed and opinion varies on how long they will be around for.

Compact Disks

There are different standards of CD’s that have different capabilities. Just to confuse us they are recognized by seemingly similar acronyms; CD-R, CD-RW, CD RW, DDCD and E-CD.


CD-R (Compact Disc – Recordable) is a CD that can be recorded to only once. It usually holds 74 minutes of audio or 650 MB of data, although newer versions hold up to 80 minutes of audio (700 MB of data). If your PC has CD burning software and a compatible CD-R or CD-RW drive, the CD-R can be used in the same way as a diskette. However unlike a diskette it cannot be deleted or overwritten. Look out for CD-Rs that have an additional protective layer which make them less susceptible to damage caused through scratching.
Ideal for…