Margaret Meade was an early sociologist that warned of higher cultures mixing with primitive cultures. She noted that most all primitive cultures were changed greatly by contacts and often disintegrated or lost all true cultural identity within a short time. Her writings and warnings were expanded upon and made law by the New World Order for their own reasons.

Today NASA is under the direct control of the US military as a division of the department of defense and reports directly to the President.  The public believes that NASA is a civilian agency with purely scientific interests.  This is a totally false perception built up for the general public’s benefit.

Today the New World Order uses Margaret Meade’s early warnings of high culture contacts and many commissioned later studies to show that alien contacts of any kinds will be harmful to the general populations. This has been so expanded upon and emphasized by the New World Order that is written into the law of NASA, the military, and most world governments.

These early warning are correct only of aggressive higher cultures who hold only their own concerns and beliefs as dominate and superior to primitive cultures.  The materialistic cultures of the West and the East are just such self-centered, aggressive, and dominate cultures which have little regard for primitive customs and rights of existence.  Missionaries and conquest are the prime venues of expressing their beliefs with others.

Spiritual cultures are the polar opposite of the materialistic cultures of Earth.  Spiritual cultures are passive, patient, and non-aggressive in allowing the spread of their ideas and beliefs to others.  Spiritual cultures respect equally other cultures and do not seek to conquer or greatly influence them.  They know that time and natural curiosity will bring change and a nature melding of beliefs to those that are ready. Patience and self-sacrifice are the corner stones of true spiritual cultures.

The New World Order expanded upon Margaret Mead’s warnings of culture shock and disintegration and so influenced the laws to be written to keep the public ignorant of the vast solar system wide ancient civilizations that have existed before.  But this secrecy of the NWO was self-serving and sinister.  The NWO wants the technology and complete power it brings to fully conquer and dominate the Earth.  By their actions you will know them.

Today the New World Order drugs the general populations with chemicals in the food and water to create passivity, apathy, and disease in the general populations for profits and control of them.  They keep secret all the huge finds of ancient civilizations on the Moon and Mars.  A they seek the advanced UFO technology of the Mars Colony for world conquest and domination.

The Mars Colony is an ancient spiritual civilization which is dying as their planet’s magnetic field collapses farther and their health deteriorates from living underground.  They seek to transfer their population to Earth as was planned by the Greys to merge their spiritual culture and technology with the aggressive materialistic Earth cultures.  This has been blocked by the NWO who wishes total control over the Earth and the Martian advanced UFO technologies.

Today there is a stalemate with the NWO and the Martian Colony.  The Mars Colony is prepared to die as it awaits the 24th solar maximum in 2011 and 2012.  Mars expects this solar maximum to be severe and the greatest the Earth and Mars has ever know in 12,900 years.  Rather than allowing the NWO their technology which they will use to dominate and control the Earth they have chosen to die as a culture and total extinction rather than to do harm to the peoples of Earth.

The spiritual culture of the Mars Colony is not a threat to the cultures of Earth.  The only real threat is if we do not merge with the Martian culture in the future and loose the greater insight and understanding of ourselves. — J.E. Ante