Optimise Your Website with an Effective Link Building Strategy

Link building is integral to the strength of any website. Whilst it may not be the most obvious way to dramatically increase your search engine ranking, the results always speak for themselves.

The Internet is very much like a crowded marketplace. There are businesses everywhere vying for the passing trade, meaning that he who shouts loudest often gets the sale. Online though you don’t have a voice. You need to communicate with your potential customer base in new and innovative ways.

Of course, the main way that people are going to stumble across your site – assuming that you don’t have an established brand already of course – is through search engines. Google and Yahoo are the two most used websites in the world, and not without good reason. People use search engines to find everything. With millions of sites and billions of individual web pages it is essential way for us to all track down and locate information and goods.

Therefore, being top of any search engine for your terms is a gateway to untold riches, at least in terms of visitor numbers. But getting there isn’t simple, far from it in fact. You’ll need to understand the intricacies of search engine optimisation and implement changes right across your site to build strength in the eyes of the search engine’s spiders. However, on top of your onsite changes, there is a lot that needs to be done externally too.

Link building should be a slow a gradual process. You need to naturally gain links from a variety of sites over a period of time. Going out all guns blazing and trying to ‘game’ the search engines by getting thousands in a short period or, worse still, buying them from disreputable sources can get you in hot water. Search engines are highly intelligent, the slightest sign that you’re trying to cheat and they will punish you; sometimes dropping your site entirely from their listings.

Being sensible and finding the best quality sites and using a reasonable timeframe as your guide, you can get great results and start building upon your own PageRank. By building links you are essentially absorbing some of the authority of the site who has linked to you. If you’ve got a low PageRank, maybe 1 or 2 and a site with a PageRank of 6 or 7 decides to link to your site, search engines will view this as an authority endorsement and may well reward you with an improved ranking.

Websites don’t just give links away. Sometimes you can request them or create some kind of reciprocal agreement, but in the main they have to be earned. Quality content is often the best way of ensuring that people are compelled to link to you. If your site is able to produce something unique, interesting or entertaining and then start ripples of awareness across the Internet,

The strength of the link itself can also be key. Where you have the opportunity, rather than simply using your URL or ‘Click Here’ try to use an embedded link with a relevant word or phrase. This will give your site and, more particularly, the page in question, greater strength for that term. This is particularly useful for article submissions, directory linking and even (if you’re feeling a little brave) from other websites by way of a request.

By building a strong linking infrastructure you will be providing invaluable support to your site. As a part of the sprawling SEO on any site, it can make all the difference in attracting visitors. Whilst the link itself will encourage many to follow, the second of its dual benefits could be even more useful, with search engines giving you a greatly improved ranking as a result.

So link well and prosper. Get your site the attention it deserves with a linking strategy that will help get you to the top of the search engines.