Vemma builder vs Old School MLM recruiting

OK I can show you right now,Vemma is not a scam. Is it the right opportunity to join? Well that depends on a lot of factors. Firstly What type of product is Vemma promoting and are they marketable? The Company‘s primary product is the Vemma drink. The name Vemma is derived from Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe. The foremost ingredient is Mangosteen. Vemma said that it can clean up human system from dirts. You will also have less chance of having disease if you drink it according to them. time. Furthermore, Vemma promotes Vemma NEXT. This is for the little kids. An energy drink was launched in 2007. Based on the world situation now and how people are being cautious about their health, I believe the market for these products is good.

Furthermore, The ownership of any MLM company is a issue you should consider. Mr BK Boreyko starts Vemma.New Vision, which is known for Health products, is the parent company for Vemma. It should also be noted that New Vision® has over $1 billion in total retail sales. They also have more than 14 years experience. BK Boreyko is known for his sucessful life.
The effectiveness of Vemma’s training system should be a big factor that you should consider before you join them. Majority of the MLM companies fall short in this territory. The excellence of the company’s leadership and product is beside the point. An effective training method is necessary for Vemma’s distributores to make money. Even with the implementation of the Vemma Builder, Vemma Distributors are still struggling. Using facebook and twitter is encouraged by Vemma, and this is to Vemma’s tribute. Simply transferring the Old School method on the internet will not cut it.
Majority of Vemma Distributors that I come across are still using the Old method of MLM prospecting. At the end of the day, a proven online MLM lead generation system is lacking in their business. Yes, I said Online. We are in the information and internet age. What are you doing to leverage this tool? I am not talking about you sending a Vemma Opportunity video link to your Facebook friends’ inbox or posting it on their page. This only shows desperation.
To fully be successful in Vemma or any MLM company, you need leads to talk to. organizing parties, or talking to everyone who are with 3ft of you or the hotel meetings to generate these leads, you simply do not have enough hours in a week to talk to enough people to succeed. You need an Online MLM lead generation system in place. Some of our Vemma friends that we are presently working with are using this system to explode their business.